New 70 Ton Buckets

New 70 Ton Buckets

Our new 1:50 scale buckets are now available.

When used with our 70 Ton Quick Hitch, these buckets will fit the WSI Liebherr 970 and the Doosan 700 and other 70 Ton excavators with a dipper width of 11.5 mm or less.

70 ton Doosan Excavator buckets


  • Cimodels

    Sorry Zeljko we don’t have an 8.5mm hitch for the 70 Ton buckets

  • Zeljko

    Wäre möglich 5 schaufel fertigsellen für schnellwechsler 8.5mm 4 zahn löfell 70tonnen

  • Cimodels

    Sorry Kevin the buckets are sold not painted.

  • kevin matthews

    do you do the painted buckets now

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